Emanuel Aronson Rund's Review on "Books Burning"


Oil on Canvas, nine parts, 420 x 360 cm by Heidi Bayer-Wech 1999/ 2000

I will see to it that this picture gets the right owner who will place it in the most respectful place, open to the viewers who will appreciate both the art and also learn the important historical and human-social issue message in it.

This breathtaking glowing red work of art portrays the brutal acts of the Nazis in thirty four German university cities as they burned thousands of books, mainly by Jewish authors but not only, on the 10th of May 1933.

I have personal connection to this dreadful event as my father's poetry work was thrown into the flames by the Nazi thugs and students in Berlin. This is one of the reasons why the artist Heidi Bayer-Wech engaged me to try to find a buyer for her painting and to make a film about her and her work.

As in my film "Sefarad, The Expulsion of Jews from Spain 1492" where my mother's family members were persecuted by the Inquisition, some were burned in public. All over Europe Jewish Holy Bible books, the Talmud and other literary, theological and scientific writings were thrown in the flames. In my film I quoted the most famous German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856):

"Where books are burned, in the end people will be burned" (1821)

Primo Levi, a survivor of Auschwitz, where the Nazis gased and burned millions of people, relates that inferno to that of Dante's, the large fire that is dangerously out of control, the hell. One could see the red flames that came out of the ovens there. Exactly this red color depicting fire and blood we see in Bayer-Wech's painting titled "Books Burning".

I lost big part of my family members to the German Holocaust, including a half-brother.

While the word "Holocaust", with a meaning of a burnt sacrificial offering, the Hebrew word Shoah meaning "Catastrophy" is taken from the Old Testament, denoting the catastrophic destruction of European Jewry during World War II. The term is used in Israel, and the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) on April 21th 1951, has designated an official day, called "Yom ha-Shoah", or fully "Yom haZikaron laShoah veLaGvura" (Hebrew יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה) as a day of commemorating the Shoah or Holocaust. Since then it was commemorated only in Israel and in Jewish Centers world-wide. Therefore back in 1993-1996 I initiated the "Memorial Day to the Victims of the Nazis" in Germany, which was later declared by the UN as the "International Memorial Day to The Holocaust", commemorated in 140 countries on each January 27th !

One of the best depictions to that catastrophy is Heidi Bayer-Wech Oil on Canvas painting created with love and emotional feeling in many unique techniques "Books Burning" which is one picture made of nine parts, 420 x 360 cm, from 1999/ 2000.

Heidi's paintings, sculptures and Site-Specific Art in Public and Architecture installations received high recognition in many museums, galleries and open sites, public and private, world-wide.

Among many faculties and professions, I also studied Art History. Among other schools, I also taught at the "SVA, School of Visual Arts" in New York. I also made many films on artists and their art, in their ateliers, galleries, museums, by collectors and in the outdoors, mainly in the USA, Europe and Israel. My latest film on "Arts for Sake of Human Rights, Understanding and Peace" was aired in fifty three countries! I was among the few "Lucky Stars" who got the red carpet to enter Andy Warhol's atelier, "The Factory", any time I wanted. I also filmed there. In 2015 I spoke about this experience at the "Pinakothek der Moderne" and the "Munich International Film Festival" "Black Box" in the Gasteig.

Back in the USA I used to have my own photography exhibits. I also started a film on the "Time" photographer W. Eugene Smith.

I was also categorized as one of the most prolific filmmaker with thirty films on the Holocaust. One of my films, "All Jews out!" entered the Oscar's. I also consulted and acted in eight feature films on those themes (Comedian Harmonists).

As I was told, my grandfather Max Emanuel Rund in Berlin, (who was murdered 1937 by the Gestapo as he did not want to signover his three buildings in Alexanderplatz ) and my great-grandfather Louis Goldschmidt who was a banker of King Ludwig II, were great art collectors. Of course it was all confiscated by the Nazis but I do not know what exactly it was and whatever happened to it.

So my next planned film project will be on this talented artist from the South of Bavaria, an area where many other world's famous painters worked like Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and Gabriele Münter. One could see also some artistic similarities in some of her work.

There are some cultural and historical bonds that connect me and Heidi, so it will be my honor and pleasure to do this film project. I hope that a buyer will be found soon, and I will do the efforts for that, so that also I will be able to film "Burning Books" in the best suitable place for it.

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