Selection of Acquisitions // Realisations of Competitions // Commissions and In Public


2016        Acrylic Painting // Canadien Senat Ottawa (Ottawa - Canada)

2013        Pusteblume (Blowball), large scale stainless steel object

                // Kindergarten Löwenzahn (Bruckmühl - Germany)

2013        Regenbogenland (Rainbow Land), stained glass windows

                // AWO House for Children (Bruckmühl - Germany)    

2010        Plastic membrane application on glass sliding doors // Town Hall Bruckmühl (Bruckmühl - Germany)

2009       Stained glass windows and altar furniture, overall art design of the chapel of Johannes von Gott

                // Hospital of the Barmherzige Brüder (Regensburg - Germany)

2001        Stained glass windows south front // Dientzenhofer Realschule (Brannenburg - Germany)

1998        Regenbogen (Rainbow), stainless steel and stained glass object

                // Justus-von-Liebig-Schule (Bruckmühl - Germany)

1996        Boot (Boat), bipartite object, conference room of the Steering Committee

                // Cabinet of the Region of Upper Bavaria (Munich - Germany)

1993        2 stained glass and stainless steel wings suspended from the ceiling, 8 stained glass doors

                // Educational Centre of the Social Administration (Wasserburg am Inn - Germany)

1992        Position of Art Director // implementation of various objects with the topic of the Celestial Jerusalem

                // Palliative Care Unit - Order of the Barmherzige Brüder (München - Germany)

1990        From Dark to Light, stained glass windows

                // Church of Saint Catherine of Siena (Munich - Germany)

1988        Lichtzeichen (Light Signals), stained glass windows

                // Guildhall Weil der Stadt (Weil der Stadt - Germany)

1987        Triptichon, oil painting, south side // Klinikum Haar (Haar - Germany)

1986        Cover "Sport and Theater", stained concrete mural relief

                // Multi-Purpose Hall Bruckmühl (Bruckmühl - Germany)

1983        Friedenstauben (Dove of Peace), coloured drawing // Siemens Foundation (Munich - Germany)

1983-84  Urquell (Fountainhead), fountain of molasse conglomerate, design and implementation

                including five months work in the quarry of the company Grad in Brannenburg

                // Sehbehinderten Zentrum Unterschleißheim (Unterschleißheim - Germany)

1982        Aquaforte, to the entrance // Städtische Galerie Lenbachhaus (Munich - Germany)

1968        Hl. Nepomuk (Saint Nepomuk), large scale painting

                // Boarding School of the Order of Saint Benedict (Rohr - Germany)

1973        Fresco paintings for 12 parts for the film "Akte Odessa" // Bavaria Film Geiselgasteig (Munich - Germany)

1960        Stage setting for the theatre performance of a fairy tale // Church of Saint Elisabeth (Munich - Germany)